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Bookings in Ginger Hotels are Closed

Details for bookings in IITM Hostel are below

Event Name: Empower Conference 
Check in: 4th Oct 23
Check out: 7th Oct 23 (10AM)

Process for Booking

  • Accommodation Charges per day:
    • Rs.360/- per person (Single – based on the availability)
    • Rs.280/- per person (Sharing)
  • Mess Coupon Charges per person: 
    • Rs.200/- per day (Breakfast (55) / Lunch (75) / Dinner (70))
  • In case only double rooms are available, and you are a single adult, we will be allocating someone from your same gender as your room mate
  • Kindly click the link to fill in the details to book your hostel accommodation: