Workshop Details

Workshop – Day 1

Session 1: Theme: Digital content accessibility focusing on visually impaired.

Session 1A: Making office documents, presentations and publications accessible for all
DAISY Consortium

This is a workshop where participants get to learn how to make documents like word, ppt etc accessible for persons with visual impairment and disabled community as well. This can help in understanding how to make accessible web pages and apps.  READ MORE

Mandatory Essentials to carry for the session: Participants are requested to carry their Laptop with Latest version of Microsoft in it.

Session 1B: Making social media content accessible for all
Saksham Organisation

Participants in this workshop will discover methods for improving the accessibility of their postings on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Participants will receive instructions on how to make images, videos, and other graphic-based content accessible to everyone, including those who are blind. The ideas covered in this course can be used to the development of more accessible presentations, papers, and webpages.  READ MORE

Mandatory Essentials to carry for the session: Participants are requested to carry their own Laptop with Windows 10 or 11 and have social media accounts.

Session 1C: Remediating inaccessible STEM documents and introduction to RAVI

This workshop will provide understanding of various issues related to accessibility of the content and will provide hands-on experiece of the tools available to make the STEM content accessible. Also RAVI (Reading Assistant for the Visually Impaired) is a platform built at IIT Delhi for automating the remediation process of making STEM documents accessible. Live demo RAVI and hands on experience will be provided to the participants.  READ MORE

Mandatory Essentials to carry for the session: The participants are requested to bring their own laptops. Wifi access will be provided at the premises.
Participants will be requested to keep following the software installed on their laptops

  • Adobe Reader
  • NVDA Screen Reader (For Windows)
  • Greenshot
  • Mathpix Snip
  • Word to EPUB Converter
  • ACE – By Daisy

Session 1D: Transforming Learning: Advancing accessibility through AI in STEM and management subjects
Continual Engine and Vision Empower Trust

The workshop will demonstrate the ways by which accessibility and inclusion can be brought for persons with disabilities in the web domain. The primary focus of this course will be on the advantageous effects of an avant-garde accessible technology that has revolutionized the laborious process of making documents accessible. PREP, which stands for PDF and Document Remediation, is now available.
Platform was created in close cooperation with top research universities like Virginia Tech and is a sophisticated, cloud-based tool powered by artificial intelligence. READ MORE

Session 2: Theme: User Centric Designs

Session 2A: User Centric Design for the Differently Abled: Problem Statements & Projects
Samarthanam Trust for Disabled

An overview of the significance of inclusive design and how it affects the lives of those with disabilities will be given before the programme officially starts. We will examine the state of AT in the nation today and emphasize the areas in which innovation is required. Participants will have a deeper awareness of the unique needs and requirements of people with disabilities via stimulating discussions. The use of assistive technology to address these requirements of the disabled will also be investigated. READ MORE

Session 2B: Workshop on Assistive solutions made by people with disabilities and primary caregivers
Enable India

This interactive workshop during the EMPOWER conference will give an opportunity for the participants to understand community-based solutions development and in need for the same to be replicated along with developing a systematic replication model. READ MORE

Session 2C: Designing of low tech assistive devices to enhance the functionality of a compromised hand
MAHE, Manipal

Several reasons occur for creating functional limitations for our hand. To minimize the negative impact of a dysfunction the process of conceptualizing, creating, crafting and delivering low technology devices in the form of splints and adaptive devices is undertaken, facilitating them to meet the requirements of basic and instrumental activities of daily living. READ MORE

Session 3: Theme: AT for Physical Impairment

Session 3A: Transfer Solutions for Persons with Disabilities

This workshop will give an introduction about the transfer solutions, needs and challenges, benefits of using a transfer solutions and existing transfer solutions – hands on demonstration by different manufacturers. READ MORE

Dr. SIndhu

Session 3B: Workshop on Assistive Technologies to Overcome Architectural Barriers

To learn about the advantages of assistive technology and the many obstacles posed by architectural impediments. Participants will learn about the various assistive technologies that are now on the market and the distinction between high-quality, appropriate technology and low-quality, inappropriate technology. Throughout the 1.5-hour NCAHT-IITM experience, the participants will actively listen, observe carefully, and engage in productive discussions to better understand architectural barriers and suitable solutions. READ MORE

Samson Daniel
Samson Daniel
Gayatri Suresh
Gayatri Suresh

Session 4: Theme: AT for Sensory and Neurological Challenges

Session 4A: Tech powered neurodiversity: Empowering the next Innovator- Specific Learning Disabilities
Changeinkk Foundation

This workshop will be an interactive session with the goal of raising awareness of the ways in which assistive technology may lessen the difficulties faced by people with SLD, capitalize on the talents of dyslexics, and drive innovation in assistive technology for inclusivity. READ MORE

Noopur Jhunjhunwala
Noopur Jhunjhunwala

Session 4C: 3D Painting and Accessibility through Space Felt
Grailmakers Innovations

The workshop will demonstrate how 3D art can be made accessible for individuals with vision impairment, promoting inclusive art experiences and raising awarness about the importance of accessible art. Participants will learn how to use Space Felt AT can be used to label colors, provide audio descriptions for art and foster an inclusive art community. READ MORE

Session 4B: See Sound Live-Braille for the deaf
See Sound Live

The programme will present the topic of deafness and current treatment options, including Auditory Verbal Training, cochlear implants, hearing aids, and speech and language therapy. It will show how ineffective these treatment approaches are for older deaf children who were born. The idea behind See Sound Live, an assistive device that aims to leverage the brain’s visual abilities to decipher speech sounds and ultimately create speech, will next be presented. READ MORE

Session 5: Theme: Accessibility using TTS and STT

Session 5A: Workshop on Natural Language Processing using Machine Translational API
Uniphore team, IITMRP

This workshop gives an introduction to Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Machine Translation APIs and elaborates on how to use them in combination to apply for different applications. The participants can understand the models better and apply them in different creative applications. READ MORE

Hema.M. Murthy
Hema.M. Murthy
Umesh Greeshma
Umesh Greeshma

Session 5B: An overview of different Android assistive technology features for people with Disabilities

The workshop will cover approximately 20 features, including built-in features like TalkBack, downloadable features like Voice Access and Action Blocks, and features that enable real-world accessibility like Live Transcribe and Lookout. There will be an emphasis on new capabilities that were added in the last 2-3 years. READ MORE

Ajith Narayanan
Ajith Narayanan