Registrations for Exhibition will be closed on 30th September, 2023

Showcase Your Ideas and Products

The EMPOWER conference promises a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Assistive Technology start-ups and developers to exchange mutual knowledge: Meet and interact with colleagues, pioneers, mentors, industry experts, and all the stakeholders in the area of Accessible Technology, including researchers, user organizations, and policy makers.

Educate yourself on current solutions in your area of focus and generate and plant ideas for new ones. Help young entrepreneurs and college students develop their skills in the field of assistive technology by working together. Present your idea to a network of key developers, investors, and intended end consumers. There was a total of more than 80 exhibitors during EMPOWER 2022.

Registration Link: https://rzp.io/l/7n2H7o581
This registration form is for Individual registration only (Team registration cannot be done)

Guidelines for Registration

  • All individual exhibitors should register under the category of ‘Exhibitor’ – Rs. 2000/-
    • If it is a team, every member is required to register individually
  • Share details about your exhibit:  https://forms.gle/VCM1UtyBLRzCNJWg7
    • After the registration, use the above link to share details about your exhibit and team details.
  • Exhibitor Space: The venue includes an exhibition hall ‘D6’ where every exhibitor will be given:
    • A table space (1200mm x 800mm) along with power connection.
    • A poster board of 5ft x 4ft.
  • The exhibition hall will be open for all the participants throughout the 3-day conference, post the inauguration on 05th October 2023
  • Presentation time : Each exhibitor will get a 7-min presentation time (which includes Q&A) in the Amphitheatre.
    • Please note that a video of 2-3mins will be required from each exhibitor which for screening during the presentation time.

Exhibitor Guidelines

  • Table Space: Your allocated table space measures 1200mm x 800mm.
  • Seating: Two chairs will be provided at your exhibit space for your convenience.
  • Poster Board: You will have access to a poster board measuring 5ft x 4ft for displaying information about your exhibit.
  • Power and Connectivity: An extension cord and power supply will be available at your booth, along with access to Wi-Fi for your technical needs.
  • Poster Attachment:  Please refrain from using cello tape, double tape, or any adhesive that may damage the poster board. Use only thumb pins for attaching materials to the poster board.
  • Material Return: All materials provided to you for the exhibition must be returned on the third day of the conference. Any damage to the provided materials will be taken into consideration.
  • Video Presentation: Each exhibiting team is required to submit a 2–3-minute video showcasing your product. This video will be played on the projector screen without audio while you can provide an oral presentation.
  • Presentation Time: Your presentation time is limited to 7 minutes, including any Q&A sessions. Please adhere to this time limit to ensure the smooth flow of the exhibition. Please check our Programme Schedule to know your Exhibitor’s presentation time closer to the event.
  • Booth Attendant: It is mandatory to have at least one person from your team present at your booth throughout the exhibition hours. Vacant booths are not allowed.
  • Lunch Break: On day 2 and day 3, all dignitaries and visitors will visit your stall during the lunch break. We will provide a specific time for the exhibition team to have lunch to ensure that your booth is adequately staffed during these important visits.
  • Booth Availability: Once you arrive at the venue IITMRP, you need to do the check in (Collect your tags and confirm your presence) and then you will be redirected to your booth. Please plan your setup accordingly to be ready for the start of the conference activities.
We hope these guidelines help you prepare for a successful and organized exhibition experience. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your participation and a successful conference.
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